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Planting Chillies

We want to start growing our own veg, and have recently got ourselves a second hand greenhouse in which to start doing so. The only thing is, it’s December and totally the wrong time for growing things… except chillies which you can grow in the nice warm house! 

So while we were out earlier I picked up some seeds for a few different types of chillies; Cayenne Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, and Ring ‘O’ Fire Chillies. I also picked up some compost, got some little pots off a friend, and borrowed Lacey’s propagator, and was all set to get planting.  So planting isn’t too difficult, and I’m sure many of you have planted before and probably will do again. But this is how I went about it.  First off I filled a plant pot three quarters full with compost.  Then I popped three seeds from the first packet into the pot. Once your seeds are in just top the pot up with compost and you’re done and ready to move on to the next one. 

I did two pots of each chilli. Don’t forget to label them too so that when they start growing you know which one’s which! I didn’t have any sticky labels so I just wrote on some paper and sellotaped it to each pot. Easy Peasy.  Once you’ve potted them all put them into the propagator and pour a little water into each one. Be careful not to over-water them as you don’t want to drown them before they’ve begun! 

Put the propagator lid on and pop them in your place of choice, I picked the kitchen windowsill as it’s a warm room that gets plenty of light. And now we wait.  I’m so excited to have lots of lovely little homegrown chillies to cook with! 

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