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Thai Green Curry

One of my favourite foods of all time is Thai Green Curry, there’s something about the combination of flavours, plus that bit of heat, that I just find absolutely lovely. 

But I am constantly disappointed by the quality of the pre-prepared green curry pastes that you can buy, they are so hit and miss! So after trying one or two and finding myself less than impressed I gave up, in favour of one day making my own paste – something that is often shied away from due to it being rather a difficult thing to do!

Last week I decided to finally try this challenge and make a Thai Green Curry, from scratch, and invite all my friends for a dinner party to try it out… brave right… thankfullly it didn’t go wrong or that would have been followed by one big pizza order!

Pre-dinner, I trawled through a whole load of recipes all giving me slightly different variations on the green paste, I also spoke to a friend who’d made me their version a year or so ago. This all left me feeling a little boggled, so I did what I do best, and combined them, cutting out some ingredients and adding in others.

It worked really well, so here’s what I did so that you can do it too.

Paste Ingredients:

– 1 Brown Onion
– 3 Garlic Cloves
– 4 Green Chillies
– Fresh Coriander (lots)
– Half teaspoon coriander powder
– Half teaspoon cumin powder
– Grated Ginger stem
– Drop of soy sauce
– Half teaspoon of korma powder
– Lemongrass
– Water

– Asparagus
– 2 Bell Peppers
– Mushrooms
– Courgette
– Carrot
– Mini Sweetcorn
– Coconut Milk
– Coconut Cream

Because of the timings of my evening and when people would start arriving verses when they’d be ready to eat, I started out by preparing all the vegetables so that when the paste was done I could throw it all together and have it ready fairly quickly. 
So I chopped, sliced and diced all my vegetables, and popped them in a variety of lovely little dishes which made their way into the fridge in preparation for later use.

Once the veg was prepped I started on the paste, beginning by dicing an onion and the three cloves of garlic and lightly browning them in a dash of oil in a saucepan. 
While the onion and garlic are browning, chop your chillies, then add them in, along with the fresh coriander, the coriander powder, the cumin powder, the korma powder, drop of soy sauce, chopped lemongrass and the grated ginger.

By this time the mixture will be quite dry so add a bit of water, stir well, and then let it reduce. Once it’s reduced turn off the heat and leave it to cool for a little while. 
After it’s cooled, pop the paste in a food processor and blend it till it’s smooth. Then you’re ready to put the curry together.

Start cooking the veg, beginning with the harder veg and working your way up to the softer veg. Partway through add in the paste and stir thoroughly. Keep adding the vegetables, and then the coconut cream and milk. Stir well and let simmer for a while, until the veggies are cooked.

When it’s done serve it up. I served mine with rice noodles, but you can use rice or egg noodles depending on what you fancy.

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