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Eco-Egg Laundry Egg

We stumbled across an advert for an Eco-Egg a couple of months ago, and both of us felt rather impressed by it’s declaration of being an entirely environmentally sustainable product… so we decided to give it a test. If you’ve not heard of an Eco-Egg before it’s basically a completely natural washing detergent that you can use to replace the harsh chemical ones that we’re all so used to buying from the supermarket.

The egg comes with two types of pellets; Tourmaline ceramic pellets which work to lessen the adhesiveness between dirt and fabric, and mineral pellets which ionise the oxygen molecules in the water which penetrates and lifts away the dirt and grime. You put both of these pellets inside of the 100% recyclable plastic egg that comes in your box, and then the egg goes into your washing machine along with your dirty clothes. During your wash the pellets then get to work and your clothes come out clean.   

These natural minerals are hypoallergenic, long lasting, and dermatologically tested. They’re supposed to help soften your clothes without fabric softener, and not set off eczema, and they’re supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society.   

It all sounds pretty good right?  You can find all this information on the Eco Egg website, here.  

And why should we be switching from the chemical detergents to this Eco-Egg?  Because chemical detergents are full of harmful chemicals that are bad for our skin, helping to proliferate bad skin conditions. Also because those same bad chemicals that are no good for our skin and bodies, are then being washed away down the plug hole and let out into the water system, where they’ll carry on being no good to anyone and polluting the world around them. And if neither of those reasons are good enough for you then because it’s actually way way way cheaper. At £9.99 for an egg that lasts 210 washes you can’t really go wrong…

So about a month ago Lacey and I bought an Eco-Egg, to see if it was as good as it sounded, and if it could help us on our journey to living more sustainably.   

So the good news is that yes, we like it, and we think you should give it go too.
It’s easy to set up, easy to use, doesn’t agitate either of our skin, doesn’t smell, leaves clothes feeling and smelling fresh, and cleans off daily dirt and sweat and the like.  It’s more than good enough for us to be happy to stick with it, and for such a small amount of money we both feel we’re making a good saving for a good cause, as well as helping to reduce our impact on the planet.   

Of course there are a few bad points. For one if you’ve got any stains that are really really on there, then you’ll need to use something stronger as well. So any red wine, blood, paint etc, will need a bit extra. The only other really annoying thing about it is that it gets bundled up in your washing during the wash and then when you take your washing out you forget to disentangle it and it can end up left in various other parts of the house! But that’s pretty minor really.   

But that’s it, and the good far outweighs the bad in my view, so we’re gonna stick with our Eco-Egg and I’d absolutely recommend that you get one too. Just head over to their website, and choose between non-fragranced or fragranced, and between one that lasts for 54 washes, 210 washes, or 720 washes.    I live easy in my clothes, and love knowing that there’s no harsh chemicals rubbing against my skin, or going down the drain.

As well as the Eco-Egg itself, there is a wider range of laundry products including fabric conditioners, stain removers, dryer balls, dryer eggs, and detox tablets for your machine.
There’s also a range of cleaning products which includes mops and sponges, degreasers, towels, sprays and stain removers.
And a few other bits and pieces as well. But we haven’t tried any of those yet, although I imagine after the success of the Eco-Egg that they’ll probably be good.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

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