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We’ve Moved House!!!

Hi Guys,

Exciting news… we’ve moved house!!!

After much thought, deliberation, and late night conversations, we made the decision to move Little Earth from Blogger to WordPress, a decision which should give us greater scope for the exciting expansion we’ve got planned for the next six months!

Yeah, you heard right… we’re expanding, and we’re totally excited about it.

The last six months have seen a bit of a struggle for those of us behind the scene’s, something I’m sure you’ve noticed through the sad lack of new content uploaded. We’re sorry!

But, all that’s about to change! We’re having a bit of team shuffle, we’ve moved house, we’re right slap bang in the middle of a huuuge redesign, and as if that wasn’t good enough, we’ve got a great big plan for the future of Little Earth.

So please, we know it all looks a little messy at the moment, but bear with us. We’ll be up and running soon, and better than ever… aaand keep checking back ’cause I’m totally excited to introduce you to our new team member (I think you’ll love him!)

Peace Out

Rach x

I'm a creative writer with a busy mind living in the quirky town of Stroud. I'm a fast thinker and a true daydreamer, ready to be distracted by pretty much anything at all. On a mission to find ways to live more sustainably, and excited about learning, travelling, and experiencing as much as possible. This is my adventure.

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