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Extinction Rebellion: Rebellion Day

We joined the Extinction Rebellion movement, and on the 17th November we made the trip up to London to join Rebellion Day. And we’re so glad we did. It was amazing to see the amount of people that turned out and took part, coming together to fight this all important battle to secure our future. 

So what is Extinction Rebellion?

If you’ve not heard of the Extinction Rebellion movement yet I’ll be surprised. But just in case, I’ll give you a quick overview. 

Extinction Rebellion calls all of humanity to come together in peace and fight for our right to a future. We are in the sixth mass extinction, climate breakdown is happening now, and in a few short years it’s going to be too late to do anything about it. When that happens, and runaway climate change ensues, thousands will die; thousands will suffer as climate refugees as their home countries become inhospitable; valuable lands for homes and agriculture will be lost to the rising seas; food production will become unstable and in places impossible; the mass extinction of many species will occur all across the globe as habitats become unstable, resulting in the breakdown of the ecosystems that support life; we will face mass extinction. 

This Rebellion movement calls us to come together to affect change; change in our way of life; change in our government; change in  our policies and practices not just as people but as a nation, and as a world wide community. This movement is about standing up for our future’s, and for our children’s future’s, and for the future of the planet that we call home. It is about standing out and telling our Government that we want, we need, them to start acting now. That it’s time to declare a state of climate emergency and that policies need to be changed or brought into affect that drastically reduce over consumption and carbon emissions if we are to have any hope of a stable future. A future that our children can enjoy. 

Climate breakdown is not ‘hippies worried about mother earth’. Climate breakdown is real, it’s happening right now, it is already affecting us and if nothing is done now it is going to reap very real consequences within the next few years, within our lifetimes. 

Climate-heating Greenhouse Gases at Record levels say UN.

Extinction Rebellion is running events, workshops, peaceful protests and acts of civil disruption throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. If you want to find out more about Extinction Rebellion, see what events they’ve got coming up, or sign up to join the movement follow the link here

Rebellion Day

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we support the Extinction Rebellion movement, and we travelled up to London on the 17th November to join the Rebellion Day. We sat with the occupation of Waterloo bridge and it was amazing. Thousands of people made the journey, coming from all across the country and from all walks of life, and stood together in solidarity, shutting down five bridges across London, and causing large scale peaceful disruption in one of the biggest acts of civil disobedience in years. 

From 11am to 3pm, Lambeth, Westminster, Blackfriars, Waterloo, and Southwark bridge were all occupied by those demanding that their voices be heard. 

‘I probably should be revising for my mock exams at school, but I really don’t see the point. Climate change is much more important.’

Amy, 17

Speeches were made; friendships were formed; songs were sung and instruments were played. Somewhere around 80 arrests were also made throughout the day as those so moved by their cause made the decision to stay and to stand up for what they believe in, to show the government that we are not backing down, that we are not going away, that we will be heard. We decorated an umbrella with Extinction Rebellion symbols (pictured below), and joined the crowds, adding our voices to those of the many others desperate to bring about the change we need. The entire experience was incredibly moving, and even by the time we left there were already news reports flooding across the internet about we’d done together, about the message we are working together to spread. 

Have a look at Roxy the Zoologists vlog about her experience on Rebellion Day here

I cannot recommend getting involved in this movement enough. This, right now, the breakdown of our climate, is the single most important threat we face. Everything else pales in contrast. We face extinction. We face worldwide destruction and disruption if we continue in the way we have been, and it will happen in our lifetimes, and in our children’s lifetimes. It is already happening now.

The time for action is now. The time to rise up is now. The time to stand together is now. The time to be heard is now. There is no other time. 

If you missed the last one for any reason, Rebellion Day 2 is coming up on the 24th of November and we need as many people as possible to show their support, to show the government that they need to listen! There are also several Rebellion Swarming events taking place across the City of London throughout this week. And if you want to find out more, or find another event, workshop, screening, or talk coming up… or find out how you might be able to host something yourself, head over to the Extinction Rebellion Events Page. Or find them on Facebook

If you still need convincing in any kind of way check out this amazing article by Neil Mackay; Why Climate Change Should Be The Only Story That Matters.

There’s a lot of information out there, but you’ve got to work to get to it, and sometimes work to understand it; yesterday I found a fantastic, easy to understand breakdown of the 2018 IPCC Report on Global Warming, you can read it here

The time is now.

P.S. We’re in that bottom photo somewhere, you can’t see us ’cause we were sat down, but we’re in there 😀 

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