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SEEd – Youth Attitudes to Sustainability Survey

SEEd, Sustainability and Environmental Education, want to find out more about how young people across the UK are feeling about sustainability and climate issues. So they’ve designed a survey to go out to young people across the country to explore how youth attitudes to sustainability, and how they view sustainability issues in relation to their own lives. 

The survey takes around 12 minutes to complete, is aimed at those aged 25 and under, and is completely anonymous. No personal details will be asked for or shared with any third parties. And the data collected will be used by SEEd to help them design better programmes for young people across the country.

Here at Little Earth we fully endorse this survey and hope that if you know and/or work with young people you’ll share this survey with them. The more responses they can get the more information they’ll have to be able to better understand young people’s thoughts, feelings, responses and needs around sustainability, and the better programmes they’ll be able to design to meet young people’s needs. 

Take the Survey.


Little Earth & The SEEd Team

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