• Vegan Cheesecake
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    Vegan Tia Maria & Vanilla Cheesecake

    I’ve been wanting to make a Bailey’s cheesecake for quite a long time now, I’ve even bought the ingredients a few times but still not managed to put them together before drinking the baileys… so I decided that this year I would finally do it. Only this year I’m in a relationship with a lovely man, and he’s vegan. Well, I can’t very well make a cheesecake he can’t eat now can I? So I did some research and modified my recipe to make it vegan – who knew you could make a vegan cheesecake? I must admit I’ve been wonderfully surprised at all the foods you can make vegan…

  • Perfectly Festive Vegan Gingerbread
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    Perfectly Festive Vegan Gingerbread

    I love a bit of festive baking, and one of my all time favourites has got to be this vegan gingerbread. It’s the perfect mix of cake, biscuit, spice, and comfort. Although in our house the gingerbread recipe only really comes out at this time of year, it could easily be utilised all year round, and could be a great one for birthdays or other parties. One of the reasons I love this recipe, apart from the fact that it tastes great, is that it’s so quick and easy to do. There’s not faffing with hard to find ingredients, and it only takes around 30 minutes in total from start…

  • Christmas
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    Want to Make a Difference this Christmas?

    Looking for something meaningful to do or give this Christmas? Thinking of putting on a fundraiser? Want to cut down on the consumerist side of Christmas? Or just feel that this is the year to do something to support a good cause? Over the last year we’ve seen a big surge in the amount of public attention given to climate change and environmental issues, including issues around sustainability education in schools. Youth across the world are speaking out and telling us they want the opportunity to learn and develop the skills they need to combat, understand, and survive in the changing climate they’re inheriting. SEEd run programmes that work with…

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    What It & Us?

    “We are Nature Defending Itself” Quote from a sign on Rebellion Day 17.11.18 When I saw the above quote on Rebellion Day in London the other week, I felt as if someone had finally made sense of something immense; something that I’d been feeling, and trying to put my finger on, for a long time now. It perfectly, and beautifully, sums up exactly why those of us involved in sustainability and climate harmony are doing what we’re doing, and the message of unity that we need to spread.  There’s a long history of people fighting for the environment; and there’s a whole section of society who are happy to refer…

  • Youth Sustainability Attitudes
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    SEEd – Youth Attitudes to Sustainability Survey

    SEEd, Sustainability and Environmental Education, want to find out more about how young people across the UK are feeling about sustainability and climate issues. So they’ve designed a survey to go out to young people across the country to explore how youth attitudes to sustainability, and how they view sustainability issues in relation to their own lives.  The survey takes around 12 minutes to complete, is aimed at those aged 25 and under, and is completely anonymous. No personal details will be asked for or shared with any third parties. And the data collected will be used by SEEd to help them design better programmes for young people across the…

  • Extinction Rebellion
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    Extinction Rebellion: Rebellion Day

    We joined the Extinction Rebellion movement, and on the 17th November we made the trip up to London to join Rebellion Day. And we’re so glad we did. It was amazing to see the amount of people that turned out and took part, coming together to fight this all important battle to secure our future.  So what is Extinction Rebellion? If you’ve not heard of the Extinction Rebellion movement yet I’ll be surprised. But just in case, I’ll give you a quick overview.  Extinction Rebellion calls all of humanity to come together in peace and fight for our right to a future. We are in the sixth mass extinction, climate…

  • pickles little earth
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    Pickles… an experiment

    This has been a fun one. Pickles are pretty yummy right, and I’ve never pickled anything before, so I thought I’d give it a go this year seeing as we had some surplus veg, and jalapenos! So I tried out a couple of different pickling ‘recipes’, and I think I’ve discovered two that I like… and one that I’m not so sure on. Pickling is a great way to make your food go a bit further, especially if you’ve got surplus veg hanging around that you think might go bad before you can get to it. It’s also a great way of mixing up flavours and adding a little variety…

  • Sustainable Gardening
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    A Weekend in the Early Autumn Garden

    There’s something wonderfully beautiful about being able to grow your own food, from seed to plate. Perhaps it’s that independence from society and the consumerist mechanisms employed by so many of our shops and farms, or perhaps it’s because it takes us back to our roots, back to being a part of all the processes that keep us alive and well, back to looking after ourselves in the most basic and obvious way. Whatever the reason, learning how to be self-sustainable, not just for environment but for myself too, gives me something more than just the food on my plate. It’s a sense of self, a sense of somehow doing…

  • Little Earth Blog

    We’ve Moved House!!!

    Hi Guys, Exciting news… we’ve moved house!!! After much thought, deliberation, and late night conversations, we made the decision to move Little Earth from Blogger to WordPress, a decision which should give us greater scope for the exciting expansion we’ve got planned for the next six months! Yeah, you heard right… we’re expanding, and we’re totally excited about it. The last six months have seen a bit of a struggle for those of us behind the scene’s, something I’m sure you’ve noticed through the sad lack of new content uploaded. We’re sorry! But, all that’s about to change! We’re having a bit of team shuffle, we’ve moved house, we’re right…

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    The Sustainable Development Goals, & how they link to EVERYTHING

    Through both my personal interests and my work for an environmental sustainability charity, I come across the UN Goals for Sustainable Development quite a lot, and let’s face it, they’re a pretty good thing to come across. But I live in a little echo-chamber, the same as everyone else, surrounded by the things and people that I’m interested in and that are interested in the things that I’m interested in. I work part time in the environmental sector, I’m interested in Zero Waste, I read articles and buy magazines that have a sustainability remit, I join social media groups that promote and share tips on these subjects, I try and…