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    Veggie Recipes

    Pickles… an experiment

    This has been a fun one. Pickles are pretty yummy right, and I’ve never pickled anything before, so I thought I’d give it a go this year seeing as we had some surplus veg, and jalapenos! So I tried out a couple of different pickling ‘recipes’, and I think I’ve discovered two that I like… and one that I’m not so sure on. Pickling is a great way to make your food go a bit further, especially if you’ve got surplus veg hanging around that you think might go bad before you can get to it. It’s also a great way of mixing up flavours and adding a little variety…

  • Sustainable Gardening
    Organic Gardening

    A Weekend in the Early Autumn Garden

    There’s something wonderfully beautiful about being able to grow your own food, from seed to plate. Perhaps it’s that independence from society and the consumerist mechanisms employed by so many of our shops and farms, or perhaps it’s because it takes us back to our roots, back to being a part of all the processes that keep us alive and well, back to looking after ourselves in the most basic and obvious way. Whatever the reason, learning how to be self-sustainable, not just for environment but for myself too, gives me something more than just the food on my plate. It’s a sense of self, a sense of somehow doing…